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Past Projects:

P.B Scaffold Design have a vast experience of producing professional temporary works designs & solutions to a multitude of different sectors. We have worked on numerous major projects throughout the UK and worldwide, either working with scaffold contractors or directly for some of the main 'blue chip' clients. Our extensive experience covers all forms of design and below are just a few examples of many:

Shetland Gas Plant

P.B Scaffold Design have been tasked with producing all the Scaffold Designs required on this £500m project. The majority of design work has taken place on the main pipe racks which will use in excess of 105km of pipe. The entire pipe rack access scaffolds has been slung and cantilevered from the main steelwork to ensure no scaffold legs come to ground level.

BP Kinneil, Grangemouth

P.B Scaffold Design carried out the designs for external access scaffolds to the 47m high column vessels at BP Kinneil. The scaffolds where designed as fully sheeted and carried a total imposed wind load of 52Tonnes.

Humber Refinery, Immingham

P.B Scaffold Design carried out a complex scaffold design for the external access to the Silos. The scaffold was based out from steel gantries below the silo, located 20m above ground level.  It was then cantilevered out using 750dp Alloy beams to support the 22m high access scaffold. The scaffold required building around the circular silo.

Thames Oil Port

P.B. Scaffold Design carried out a design for a 17m High freestanding access & support Scaffold to the Jetty loading arms. The scaffold required beams at the top and bottom of the scaffold to lift the loading arms then lower them onto a boarded laydown area for repairs.

23 Alpha - Southern North Sea Sector

As well as domestic and commercial scaffold design, P.B.S.D have also undertaken many industrial works.  An access and laydown platform for the crane boom change out for the 23 Alpha Rig situated in the southern north sea sector is just one example.

Leeds Arena:

PBSD were tasked with designing a full external access scaffold for glazing and cladding works to the new arena building in Leeds city centre. The scaffold was a designed as a double width independent that required the full top half to be to cantilevered to follow the curved  profile of the building. The design also required various openings forming in the façade scaffold using 750dp Alloy unit beams along with a complex design for the main access Hoist support & walkway. Work on the £60m project started in February 2011, and the building was topped-out by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during her Diamond Jubilee tour in 2012.

The Arts Tower - Sheffield

The Arts Tower at Sheffield University underwent major restoration during2009/10.  35 Lifts, over 600 meters of aluminium beams and over 20 design drawings means some projects require a little more than your average.

The Headrow - Leeds

P.B. Scaffold Design were requested to design this complex external scaffold to facilitate the repair and extention of this large land mark building on The  Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire.  Due to the volume of traffic on the ground, the scaffold had to be designed with a  minmal amount of scaffold founded on the pavement.

The Humber Bridge - Hull

The scaffold was designed to allow the invasive inspection of the tower level sections of the main cable.  The scaffold was fully encapsulated and due to the weather conditions that the Humber Bridge faces, this brought its own compexities with regards to the design.

Smith & Nephew - Hull

Smith & Nephew, a global medical devices company, needed repairs making to the roof of one of their premises in Kingston Upon Hull.  A design was created that incorporated a support scaffold and a mobile temporary roof system.

Leeds University Clock tower:

The Parkinson Building is a Grade II listed ‘art deco’ building located at the University of Leeds. When repair work was required on the 57meter high clock tower PBSD produced a scheme that could be trussed out from the belfry and then cantilevered around the clock tower without the need for any support legs from the lower roofs. The scaffold was also designed with protective butt ties & plan bracing to form wind girders, thus avoiding the need for drilled anchor type ties.

Co-Operative Head Office - Manchester

PB Scaffold design were tasked with designing an internal access scaffold for installation of the main glazed roof structure. The design required the atrium to be left open with no leg loads permitted on the ground floor slab. A solution was achieved by erecting an independent scaffold around the perimeter of the atrium based out on a grillage of steel Ub's that spanned between the main basement columns. The independents where then linked together using aluminium trusses spanning 22.5m to support a 17.5m high birdcage. When completed the total height of the scaffold will be in excess of 60m with a combined Total D+L load of 560 tonnes!

South Hook LNG Facility - Milford Haven

A royal visit from the queen required a support scaffold for the vip hospitality tents, dome and access ramps. South Hook is undertaking an ambitious project, which upon completion will be able to provide the U.K. with a massive proportion of its natural gas.

St Chads - Shrewsbury

St Chad's is a major landmark next to Shrewsbury's Quarry Park, it is an iconic Grade I listed circular Georgian church. P.B.S.D were responsible for designing an access scaffold and temporary roof to fully enclose & gain access to the church tower for repair works & urgent restoration to the lead, stonework and cross on the dome. The scaffold design was required to span 11.0m over the porticoes & roofs on all 4 elevations. The beam spans then supported a 30m height of scaffolding with a temporary roof structure on top.

St. Paul's - Seacombe

St Paul's is a Grade II listed church located in Seacombe, Birkenhead. The top 6m section of the spire was taken down as it had become unsafe. P.B.S.D was tasked with designing a full access tower to the church tower to enable the existing spire to be taken down to cornice level and then re-constructing to original height in stone to match. P.B.S.D designed an access scaffold the could only come to the ground on 2 sides and incorporated shear brackets & beam spans. The scaffold also included a loading platform that was capable of supporting a total load of 42tonnes to enable the spire stonework to be stored without bringing it down to the ground.

Porthill Footbridge - Shrewsbury

Port Hill Footbridge, is a suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Severn in Shrewsbury. P.B.S.D were responsible for coming up with a suitable scheme to provide an access & enclosure scaffold for: removing the bridge deck, blasting, repairing & re-painting the steelwork and installing a new timber deck. However the bridge could only be subjected to relatively low imposed loads. This meant that PBSD had to work very closely with the main contractor, L.A. and structural engineers to achieve a scheme that was lightweight but could still offer a full access and enclosure. The solution was to design the scaffold so that the imposed load only occurred at the suspension cable positions. The live load & sheeting were then split into 4 phases to ensure the bridge structure was never overloaded. The scheme was a great success & the bridge was handed back to the L.A. a week early.

Sir John Barrow Monument - Barrow

The lighthouse shaped monument is Ulverston in Cumbria's most recognisable landmark.  Spring 2009 saw the start of repair and restoration to the monument.  No shear ties were used during the erection of the scaffold due to the monument being a listed building.

Liverpool Library - Liverpool

Liverpool Central Library is undergoing a major £50 million pound refurbishment that is due for completion in spring 2012.  All three libaries are to have their roofs re-covered.  In order for these works to be carried out P.B.S.D were responsible for designing the temporary roof and incorporated the Hakitec 750 roofing system in order to achieve the required weather protection.

Althorp House

Althorpe House is a Grade I stately home in Northamptonshire and is the official residence of The Earl and Countess Spencer. From 2009 to 2011 the building underwent a £10m restoration project which involved a programme of re-roofing, stonework replacements and extensive refurbishment of the mathematical tiles, which face much of the house. This required a full external sheeted access scaffold and Temporary roof over the house built in 3 phases over the 2 wings and main house. The scaffold was required to be freestanding due the fragile nature of the tiled façade. This resulted in a complex scaffold design that required over 40tonnes of kentledge to support the 30m temporary roof span & 20m high freestanding side scaffolds.

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